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Article 1. Eligibility of membership - This classified ad site is only available to people who are legally able to form binding contracts with you and the seller/buyer of an ad item. People who are of under age of 18 are not eligible for membership due to security precautions that can result as of those members. If you do not meet these requirements, you are not eligible to use these classified services.

Article 2. RunUntilSold.com (Engine section) is only providing classified ad services - We only provide services to people interested in selling merchandise via internet classified ad. We do not have control over the classified ad that are posted in the classified ad site, and cannot guarantee the authenticity and quality of a said product. We are not responsible for the actions the sellers takes, before, during, and after the classified ad, typographical errors, mis-prints, loss of merchandise/money, damage or failure of equipment, due to your visit to this classified ad site. Use of this site is at your own risk, and content is presented 'As-Is'.

Article 3. Selling - As a user, you may sell merchandise on RunUntilSold.com (Engine section). As a seller, the item that you place up for sale must be real.

Article 4. Selling Items - As a user, you are welcome to put items up for sale in the RunUntilSold.com (Engine section). We do have restrictions on what items you may sell, and what you may not sell. You may not sell illegal merchandise, or anything that is affiliated with pornography, etc. Items that are up for sale are subject to review by the staff of RunUntilSold.com (Engine section), and may be removed without prior notice.

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